Saturday, April 19, 2008

The final steps

Everything appears to be coming together on our final steps of development. The rules have been finalized and design ideas have been, for the most part, brought to the table.

Our prototype proved to be a success. During the playtesting day, I noticed that most groups played their respective games for a set amount of time before they started writing on the comment sheet. The group that played Supernova ended up playing longest out of all the groups. From what I examined, they displayed all the actions and physical reactions my group expected to find within a test-audience. They responded with excitement, laughter, disgust, and amazement. In fact, some of their faces turned bright red from laughing so hard. These reactions are exactly what we as a group hoped for. In the final steps towards polishing our game, we wish to implement the suggestions brought forth to us.

Soon enough, Supernova will be unleashed.

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Bujama3 said...

this is not a comment. just wanted to answer your question about the new era caps with philippine flag.
i saw the caps when i was on a visit to manila.